About Lisa spa

LISA took its first steps in the textile industry during 1970 and evolved into today’s company with two specialised divisions; one developing world leading designs and the other taking those designs through the most up to date and sustainable production facility to deliver beautiful fabrics with amazing hand feel and finish to our customers.

LISA Spa is widely acknowledged as one of the most important players within the printed fabric sector. For many years, LISA Spa has focussed on womenswear products; now however, it is increasingly taking care of menswear and kids wear segments too.

LISA Spa is able to satisfy both the ready-to-wear segment, assuring creativity and availability of ready design and the long-term segment, offering exclusive proposals and anticipating fashion trends.

Matching the traditional Italian “know-how” – a mix of craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail – and the sustainable and well-controlled use of the most advanced printing technologies, LISA is proud to fulfill the needs of an increasingly globalized and competitive market.


Design is our excellence. Inspiration, attention to detail and expertise are the foundations that support LISA’s continuous growth and evolution, together with unlimited creativity. LISA’s creative teams manage to find new and surprising combinations, following the company main value and belief of “made in Italy“.

Thanks to different backgrounds and cultures, people of the three stylistic teams skillfully use various techniques in order to give shape to ideas and turn them into products.

A Top project Collection designer at work

From the hand-made pattern, to the use of the most up to date digital systems they skillfully create new patterns, maintaining the special positioning of each of the three collections: Lisa, Just Fly and Top Project.

This creative process is supported by quickness of execution, a careful trade policy, a wide range of fibers and textiles and, in particular, the ability to develop new products in close cooperation with customers. All these together are LISA’s main competitive advantages.


Research and development are nowadays a critical focus of LISA investments; in particular, the company take more and more care of the sustainability of process and products.

LISA Group constantly invests in new systems and cooperates with well-known companies producing technology in textile field, in order to discover new solutions and to improve the performance.

As a result of continued investments both the digital and traditional printing departments are equipped with advanced and constantly evolving systems, with a special attention to the respect of the environment.

Such commitment has been rewarded with an important acknowledgment in 2009, for the fulfillment and implementation of the “Life-Battle” project.

Such project has been considered as the best in terms of techniques for the re-utilization of water into the textile industry.

Oekotex guarantees the absence or the risk of releasing harmful substances

Faithful to the company’s mission, LISA pursues an ethical behaviour that respects both people and the environment. Accordingly, the company strives daily to assure compatibility between industrial production, respect for people and
safeguarding the ecosystem. Following such principles, LISA designs and produces beautiful and high quality fabrics, equipped with “Oekotex” certification. Many other certificates are in place – contact us for more details or with any specific questions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With a vision of a more balanced and caring society, LISA spa supports different projects: cooperation with school, internships and apprenticeships, cultural evenings and events.
LISA strongly believes that offering jobs, donating support to the needy and spreading culture contribute to enrich the whole community providing shared and tangible benefits. Grounded on these principles, in 2011 FONDAZIONE PRIMASPES ONLUS was founded. It’s aim is to actively contribute to the human and social development of the poor and needy people all over the world.

Read more about the foundation and its work here (in Italian language): http://www.fondazioneprimaspes.org/

Visit Lisa spa home page (in Italian or English languages): http://www.lisaspa.it/