About Us

Kuku Textiles is a fabric agency based here in Estonia, from where we can easily reach our key strategic Markets of Countries around the Baltic region as well as Ukraine.

We have extensive experience in managing garment design, fabric and garment sourcing and full vertical production in Europe as well as across Asia. Andy worked with a number of fashion retailers in the UK before moving out to Estonia where he led a team of professionals from designers through sourcing and production management to quality management for finished garments before setting out on his own. Mona studied Art & Design in LA and Fashion Marketing in London and worked as a fabric buyer before sourcing finished garments globally for a fashion brand. It was while working as a specialist fabric buyer that Mona first came across Lisa Spa, Andrea and the amazing team that we are now so proud to work with.

Our role is to support healthy business relationships between fashion brands, producers and our partners, Lisa Spa in Italy. We do this by being a real local partner – by being available locally for face to face meetings, where clients can touch and feel actual fabrics – where we can discuss and better understand customers’ needs and ensure that we are able to meet these.

We make sure that our customers get the first class service that they deserve by actively listening to the customers’ teams about the trends and design direction they are heading for and either finding suitable for designs from the huge Lisa catalogue, briefing our design team to develop a print to meet the client needs or even taking the customers’ own print design into production. We will actively follow up at all stages in the process, from organising hangers, through coupons for sampling to final production and quality management.